Family Information

Families interested in registering with our agency are all looking for quality, individualized childcare. This is exactly what we provide. You may, though, still have some questions that need to be answered such as:

How do I register with Sitter Solutions?

Simply download, complete and submit the registration packet. Click on the Paypal button to pay your registration fee and you are all set.

Download Family Registration Package


What happens after my registration is submitted?

You will receive an email confirmation once your registration is received and a call within 1-2 business days to begin scheduling. You can expect a sitter meeting within usually a few days to a week. If it is a full time sitter you need, sometimes it may take slightly longer to set up a match but all efforts are made to do so in a timely fashion.

How do I schedule sitters?

The easiest way to submit schedule requests is either through email which is monitored frequently throughout the business day or by calling us. Requests are accepted anytime and you will receive confirmation once your booking is set.

Can I choose my sitter?

You will be introduced to at least two sitters in the beginning. We always want your feedback to see who you feel is the best match and always make every effort to schedule accordingly. We do ask that families allow a back up sitter as well- because sometimes availability may make it such that the “regular” sitter is not available when you need her and this way you and the children are comfortable with the back-up sitter as well.

How much notice do I need to give when I need a sitter?

Like with anything, the more notice the better…but we accept requests up to the day of. Just realize last minute requests may or may not be able to be filled due to availability so it’s always advised that once you know you need a sitter- let us know and we will get you booked.

Am I guaranteed a sitter when I need one?

Sitter Solutions makes no guarantees. We make every effort to ensure that your scheduling needs are met; however rarely there are events that are out of our control. The benefit to using an agency is when these events may cause your sitter to be unable to come- we have a roster of other equally wonderful sitters and most times another is able to fill in.

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