Agency Benefits

Deciding between an agency and hiring a sitter/nanny on your own
Agency Benefits:
  • With Sitter Solutions the work has all been done for you! Interviewing, reference checks, and background checks are all completed by Sitter Solutions so you have the peace of mind of knowing that once a sitter is added to our roster- she has been completely checked out before she ever gets to you.
  • Continuing support – with our agency if you need to change schedules or have last minute needs- we have a roster of sitters and nannies ready to help.
  • When a sitter is sick- with an agency we have other sitters to draw from in order to get your schedule covered.
  • Rates are already set by the agency to avoid the difficult decisions and discussions between you and your sitter trying to agree on terms.
Deciding between an agency and a daycare:
Agency benefits:
  • Sitter Solutions offers INDIVIDUALIZED care for your children- the day is structured around their needs.
  • One on one attention is exactly what you get with Sitter Solutions- you’re children will not be just one in a large group, but will have the sitters total attention for the duration of the time.
  • Comfort of being in their own home – children can nap in their own beds, play with their own toys and in their own backyards. This provides a lot of security for the children.
  • Makes life easier for you- no more rushing to get the kids ready so you can drop them off at daycare on your way to work. The kids can be eating breakfast in their pajamas when you leave and your sitter can take it from there. Sitters are happy to do light housekeeping jobs as well during times when the children are napping so when you return you will have a tidy home, happy children and maybe even dinner cooking in the oven!
  • Less sickness! Daycares are famous for germs and limiting the exposure to so many different children each day especially at such a young age will definitely cut down on so many viruses.